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Satanic act | Hamas rapes Israeli women on 'that' day: UN report | leader

Leading Online Desk : On October 7, the terrorist organization Hamas in Palestine fired hundreds of missiles at Israel simultaneously. In this, 1200 Israeli citizens were killed, while 253 citizens were kidnapped. Israeli women kidnapped and held hostage were raped and sexually assaulted. The United Nations has said that these atrocities are still going on. United Nations official Pramila Patten has also clarified that there is enough evidence to prove these atrocities.

Patten heads the United Nations Special Committee on Sexual Violence in Conflict-Affected Areas. Patten and his team found evidence of sexual assault and harassment of Israeli women in the October 7 attack. This is believed to be the first evidence to support allegations that Hamas has sexually assaulted Israeli women after its attacks on Israel.

Patten and his team visited Israel from January 29 to February 14. The team was tasked with gathering information and evidence of sexual assaults that occurred during the October 7 attack by Hamas. The committee has submitted a 24-page report. The team visited institutions in Israel, witnessed the October 7 attacks, and examined 50 hours of video recordings. Hamas has denied allegations of abuse against women.

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