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Sanvika said- People with dusky skin don't get work easily: Panchayat's 'Rinki' said- People still want to see people with fair skin

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Panchayat's Rinki i.e. Sanvika. In season 3, she has impressed the audience a lot with her innocence and simplicity. Sanvika, who hails from Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh, did not have an easy journey to Mumbai. In the initial days, she also worked in the costume department.

Sanvika said that it is not easy for an outsider to establish a foothold in the film industry. It takes one and a half years just to make contacts. After the release of Panchayat, Sanvika has been called a crush on social media. However, she does not consider herself that beautiful. Sanvika said that even today people with dusky skin do not get work easily in the industry.

A round of conversation with 'Rinki' i.e. Sanvika…

Question- Tell us about your journey to Mumbai. How much struggle did you have to face?
The biggest problem after coming to Mumbai was accommodation. It was impossible to live in areas like Andheri and Bandra. I did not have enough money to afford it. However, my luck was very good. I got a flat in DN Nagar. I lived with 6 people in that 1BHK flat.

I used to search for audition locations through different mobile apps throughout the day. Social media has played a very important role in my life. It was through social media that I was able to find opportunities for myself.

Question: You have also worked in the costume department for a few days, how was that time?
answer- Yes, I have worked in the lowest position in the costume department. It was not that the job was bad, but I used to get a lot of complaints. At that time, I used to feel that there is a huge difference between artists and people in other departments.

Everyone was always busy serving the artists. They were given every kind of facility, while we were not even asked. Seeing them at that time, I also used to think that why can't I act like them. Only after this I started giving auditions.

Question- What is the biggest challenge for an outsider?
answer- Making contacts is the most challenging task. One and a half years are spent in this. We don't even understand where to go. Those who have contacts, they don't have to go through this hassle.

Question- You were also seen in an ad shoot with Deepika Padukone and Karan Johar?
Yes, that was a big moment for me. I saw Deepika Padukone from the front for the first time. She is very beautiful. Actually, I was a passing actor in that ad shoot. A passing actor is one who acts by staying near the lead actors in a film or ad shoot. During that ad shoot, Deepika asked me to stand in her place. Her saying just this was a big thing for me.

Question: How did you manage your expenses during the days of struggle?
Whatever little work we got, we used to cover our expenses. When we had no money at all, we had to ask my father for it. We all know how expensive a city Mumbai is, it is very difficult to survive here with less money.

Question: Has there been anything that you felt bad about or that you learnt something from?
Well, I don't dwell on anything. If something goes wrong with me, I forget it after a few days. However, once I had to listen to a lot of things about makeup. Actually, I had a lot of pimples on my face.

To look natural, I went for the audition without makeup. The director scolded me. He said that if you keep on like this, then after three months you will be seen wandering here and there.

Question- After Panchayat-3, people have started calling you a crush. What would you like to say on this?
See, I don't consider myself so beautiful that people would make me their crush. In the industry, the parameter of beauty is still measured by fair skin. If you are a little dusky, then somewhere or the other you are made to feel that.

It is very difficult to get work. It is a different matter that if someone is coming from a big film family then even dusky skin is acceptable. The audience also likes to see fair skinned people on screen.

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