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Saif started fighting with an unknown person on the road: They even bit each other, then got a tetanus injection, Kamal Sadana narrated the story

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Actor Kamal Sadana has recently shared an incident related to Saif Ali Khan. Kamal told that he, Saif and Amrita Singh were coming from somewhere in the 90s. Then a fight broke out between Saif and an unknown person on the road. In this fight, both of them even bit each other. But after some time both of them started laughing and then hugged each other.

Kamal told that after this Saif was taken to the hospital, where he was given a tetanus injection. He also told that he and Saif have been very good friends and even today they meet each other with great warmth.

Know what was the whole story?

In an interview given to Siddharth Kanan, Kamal told that in the 90s, he, Saif and his first wife Amrita Singh were very good friends. He further said- Once all three of us were returning from somewhere. Me or Saif were driving the car. Then a car passed nearby, which overtook our car. Seeing this, Saif signaled something to the person sitting in the car. That person also gave some signal to Saif.

Kamal further said- Later both of them got down from their respective cars. After this both started fighting. Here Amrita and I came out of the car and sat on the bonnet. That person's family members also came out of the car. But no one else joined their fight.

After fighting for some time, both of them bit each other. Then both of them stopped fighting and started laughing. Seeing this we all started laughing. After the fight was over, we all went to the hospital and got Saif injected for tetanus.

Saif's sister still ties lotus rakhi

Interestingly, Saif and Kamal's relationship did not start well. The reason was that Kamal was cast in place of Saif in the film Bekhudi. However, later both of them became good friends. Kamal also revealed that even today Saif's sister Saba ties Rakhi to him.

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