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Russia Military Plane Crash: Russia's military transport plane crashed; 15 killed | leader

Leader Online Desk: A military transport plane crashed on takeoff in Russia. It is reported that 15 people were killed in this plane crash. After take off the plane suddenly caught fire in the engine and this plane crash took place. This is the second plane crash in Russia this month. This information was given with reference to the Ministry of Defense of Russia. (Russia Military Plane Crash)

According to information received, Russia said on Tuesday (Dec. 12) that one of its cargo planes has crashed. There were 15 people in it. All the people in the plane have died in this accident. The cause of the engine fire is being reported. The Russian Ministry of Defense has also confirmed the accident. A major accident has occurred after this plane crashed in Ivanovo region of Russia. (Russia Military Plane Crash)

Many videos of this military plane crash are going viral on Russian social media. However, the Ministry of Defense has not confirmed any of the videos. Earlier, a Russian plane had crashed in January. 74 people died in this. Most of them were prisoners from Ukraine, according to information provided by local media in Russia. (Russia Military Plane Crash)

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