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Rohit Sharma: India won the match against Pakistan thanks to Rohit Sharma

New York, News Agency: In the match against Pakistan, it was seen on the big screen that India had only 2 percent chance of victory. At that time, the players were inspired by the words of Indian captain Rohit Sharma to his teammates. Rohit advised them to 'never give up' and India pulled off a win. Rohit Sharma's team made a strong comeback to snatch victory from Pakistan. At this crucial moment, captain Rohit Sharma kept the morale of the team up and inspired them to stay in the game. After the victory against Pakistan, Rohit Sharma narrated the incident that happened on the field.

Rohit gave ear mantra to colleagues

Rohit said, compared to the last match, this pitch was better. Playing with such a bowling line-up also boosts your confidence. We all gathered together for the drinks break when Pakistan's innings started. At that time I told my colleagues that if our team can go from 80 for 3 to 119 all out, so can they. They can also lose wickets. Everyone's little extra contribution can make a huge difference. Just don't give up. After this there was a radical change in our game. The team started playing with a new zeal, said Rohit Sharma. The morale of the Indian players did not waver at all. The team achieved this unexpected victory by maintaining their morale and aiming for their performance. With this strategy of Rohit Sharma and team, the Indian team put some pressure on Pakistan from the 15th over and did not give the team a chance to hit a single boundary.

Rohit thanked the audience

Captain Rohit Sharma thanked the Indian fans who attended the match in New York. He also assured everyone that this is just the beginning. The crowd was fantastic, the skipper said. No matter where we play, they never disappoint. I am sure they will go home with a smile. This is just the beginning, we still have a long way to go.

Everyone knows what Bumrah can do: Rohit

Bumrah clean bowled Mohammad Rizwan to end Pakistan's hopes. After this, every Indian bowler supported Bumrah by bowling excellently. Bumrah's penetrating bowling also won him the man of the match award. Talking about Bumrah's performance, Rohit said, We all know what Bumrah can do. Won't say much about him. I want him to play with this mentality throughout the World Cup. We all know that he is a talented player.

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