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Ravi Kishan's father had an angry nature: He used to get angry at his son; Sometimes he was ready to commit suicide

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MP and actor Ravi Kishan has talked about his relationship with his father. Ravi Kishan said that his father did not want him to become an actor. He was a priest. He wanted his son to either do farming or get a government job. However, Ravi Kishan was interested in acting and dancing.

Once Ravi Kishan went to perform in Ramlila. When the father came to know about this, he beat his son badly. Ravi Kishan said that his father was a saintly man, he had less sensitivity than others. That's why he became so angry that he could even kill his son. However, with time, when Ravi Kishan became successful, his father became the happiest.

Father's beating forced him to leave home at the age of 17
In an interview with Brut, Ravi Kishan said- Due to my father's angry nature, I had to leave home at the age of 17. They used to beat me a lot. Mother knew that her husband was of very angry nature. He told me son to run away. After this, with Rs 500 in my pocket, I left home towards Mumbai.

Ravi Kishan's father died in December 2019.

Ravi Kishan's father died in December 2019.

Father wanted Ravi Kishan to become a priest
Ravi Kishan further said- My father was a sage-saint type of man. They wanted me to do a government job. Should I take up farming or if that doesn't work out then I should eventually become a priest. He simply couldn't bear to see me as an actor at any cost. He was very angry after seeing me playing the role of Sita in Ramleela. He used to beat me and I used to learn something from that beating. It is because of his beating that I became an actor.

Ravi Kishan is MP from Gorakhpur Lok Sabha seat.

Ravi Kishan is MP from Gorakhpur Lok Sabha seat.

Father had tears in his eyes when he died
When Ravi Kishan became an actor and started earning money, his father's perspective changed. Ravi Kishan said- When father was counting his last breath, there were tears in his eyes. They told me that you are our pride.

One thing was clear in my mind since childhood, that I do not want to die a stranger's death. Every human being is born with a purpose. My purpose has made me Ravi Kishan. Let us tell you that Ravi Kishan is in the headlines these days because of his latest film Lapata Ladies.

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