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Raveena Tandon broke her silence on the road rage case: Thanked those who supported her, said- now get the dashcam and CCTV removed!

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In an incident that happened last Saturday night, actress Raveena Tandon and her driver were accused of assaulting an elderly woman under the influence of alcohol. A video of her also surfaced, in which she was seen arguing with some people. Not only this, Raveena was also accused of abusing and assaulting.

However, later both the parties reached an agreement. Both the parties gave it in writing that they no longer have any complaints against each other. Now Raveena has broken her silence in this matter. She has shared an Instagram post. Raveena has thanked the people who supported her.

While sharing the post, the actress wrote- Thank you for this emotional love, trust and support! The gist of the story? Now get the dashcam and CCTV out!

Know what was the whole matter

According to reports, the matter was settled through mutual agreement between Raveena and the accusers and no police action was taken. On Raveena's case, Mumbai's Zone 9 DCP Raj Tilak Roshan had said that Raveena was coming to her house. The driver was reversing her car. Then the woman coming behind got angry… she told the driver to drive properly.

The car did not even touch the woman but she got angry and started speaking very badly. When Raveena came out, the debate started on this. Police say that no complaint has been registered with us yet. No party has lodged a complaint. There is no news of anyone getting injured.

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