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Ranveer Singh reached Mukesh Khanna's office to convince him again: The last meeting did not yield any result; matter related to the film Shaktimaan

Mumbai4 minutes agoAuthor: Ashish Tiwari

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Last night Ranveer Singh again reached Mukesh Khanna's office to convince him. Ranveer Singh reached Mukesh Khanna's office located in Kandivali East, Satyam Housing Society. Ranveer Singh's pictures have also surfaced outside Mukesh Khanna's office.

Ranveer Singh can be spotted in the red circle.

Ranveer Singh also took a selfie with the people present there.

Apart from this, some photos of Ranveer have also surfaced in which he is seen taking selfies with the staff present in the office. We have those photos, but due to privacy concerns, we cannot show them.

This is the second time that Ranveer has visited Mukesh Khanna's office to meet him. Ranveer had gone there about two weeks ago as well. Actually Ranveer Singh wants to play the lead role in the mega budget film Shaktimaan. He has liked the script of the film a lot. Since Mukesh Khanna's production company Bhishma International is also going to play a big role in the making of this film, it is difficult to make any progress without his consent. Mukesh Khanna does not want Ranveer to play the role of Shaktimaan in his film. That is why Ranveer is repeatedly trying to convince him.

The film Shaktimaan was announced in 2022
Actually, in 2022, Sony Pictures announced the film Shaktimaan in collaboration with Mukesh Khanna's production company Bhishma International. It was told that this film will be made in a huge budget of 300 crores. The makers approached Ranveer Singh for the lead role, for which he also agreed.

However, Mukesh Khanna did not like his casting. Actually, Mukesh Khanna was upset with Ranveer Singh's nude photoshoot. He had said that how can a person who is getting nude in front of the camera play the role of Shaktimaan?

Sony Pictures announced the film through motion video share.

Ranveer had tried to convince Mukesh Khanna earlier too, but things did not work out
Two weeks ago, Ranveer went to Mukesh Khanna's office to convince him. Bhaskar was the first to break this news. We immediately spoke to Mukesh Khanna regarding this issue.

He said, 'Look, Ranveer did not come secretly. This news came out without my telling. There is no point in hiding it now. People already know that I have disapproved Ranveer for the role of 'Shaktimaan'. The matter has already become public. This is what I also wanted. Now let Sony Pictures react on this matter. We are also waiting for that.'

Ranveer Singh suddenly reached Mukesh Khanna's office to meet him.

After this, Khanna also shared a video on his YouTube channel. He said, 'Till now the camel has not turned on any side. The churning is still going on. When the camel turns on one side then I will tell you, because Shaktimaan is being made for you… not for me.'

Telecasted in 1997, Shaktimaan ended suddenly after 104 episodes
In the 90s, Mukesh Khanna played the role of a superhero in the TV show 'Shaktimaan'. People still remember this character. After 'Mahabharat' and 'Ramayana', Shaktimaan was the most liked show on Doordarshan. This serial was most popular among children.

This show started telecasting 26 years ago in 1997. It was suddenly shut down in 2005. The reason behind the show being shut down was a dispute between Mukesh Khanna and Doordarshan over money.

Shaktimaan was liked a lot by the audience, especially children.

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