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Ranveer Shorey got emotional in Bigg Boss-OTT-3: During the breakup, Pooja Bhatt had accused him of beating her while drunk, the actor said – I was unable to get out

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Senior actor Ranveer Shorey is seen as a contestant in Bigg Boss OTT-3. He is constantly having fights in the show, while Ranveer is also in the news for talking about controversies related to his personal life. Recently, Ranveer has given a statement on his controversial breakup with Pooja Bhatt. He has told that it was very difficult for him to get over the breakup.

Let us tell you that Ranveer Shorey was once in a relationship with actress Pooja Bhatt. After a few months of relationship, in 2000, Pooja Bhatt made serious allegations against Ranveer and said that he had misbehaved with her while drunk. She also alleged that Ranbir had abused and beaten her while losing his temper under the influence of alcohol.

In a recent episode of Bigg Boss OTT 3, Ranveer talked about the bad phase of his life and reacted to this scandal without naming Pooja. He has told that while shooting for the film Lakshya in Ladakh, he came to know that his mother's health had deteriorated. Due to shooting, he could not go to see his mother. When he returned from shooting, his mother had been discharged from the hospital and came home, however, she passed away a few days after this.

Ranveer has said, at the same time, a big scandal related to an actress happened with me. I was not able to get out of this thing. My brother told me to come to him in the US. I borrowed money from my brother and did an acting course. After returning from there, I started shooting for The Great Indian Comedy Show in 2005. At the same time, two of my stalled films were released and became back-to-back hits within a week. My work was loved by the audience and in this way my career as an actor took off.

Ranveer Shorey did not take Pooja Bhatt's name anywhere in this entire conversation, although Pooja is the actress with whom Ranveer had a scandal. When Pooja Bhatt accused him in 2000, Ranveer denied them. He said that like other couples, he and Pooja do not get along on many issues. He also denied the allegations of assault under the influence of alcohol.

Ranveer often denies reports of an abusive relationship on social media.

Ranveer often denies reports of an abusive relationship on social media.

Let us tell you that Ranveer Shorey and Pooja Bhatt broke up due to the increasing fights. After the breakup, Ranveer left Pooja Bhatt's house. If reports are to be believed, when Ranveer went to Pooja's house a few days later to collect his belongings, the windows of his car were broken. There were also reports that Pooja Bhatt's brother Rahul Bhatt also tried to hit him with a rod.

Before Ranveer Shorey, Pooja Bhatt had also participated as a contestant in the second season of Bigg Boss OTT.

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