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Randeep faced financial crisis during the shooting of Savarkar: Sold his father's property for the biopic; eat only nuts to lose weight

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Randeep Hooda is in the news these days with the film 'Swatantrya Veer Savarkar'. In a recent interview, he has revealed that he had to overcome many physical and financial challenges for this film.

Due to lack of money, the film had to be closed. Then he sold his father's properties in Mumbai to fund the biopic of Veer Savarkar.

At the same time, he also lost a lot of weight for this film. To play the role of Veer Savarkar, he used to survive only on almond butter and nuts throughout the day.

Randeep said- I want the whole world to see this film

In an interview given to BeerBiceps podcast, Randeep talked about the journey of the film. He said that the whole world should watch this film and not be limited to only right wing ideas. He further said- I wanted to release this film on August 15 last year. It was also planned to be released on January 26 this year, but it did not happen.

I put everything I had into this project. Despite this, problems persisted. The reason is that the team that was earlier associated with this project did not intend to make a quality film. He just wanted to make films.

Randeep has directed and produced this film.

Randeep has directed and produced this film.

Properties had to be sold for the film

We also faced financial challenges during the making. Father had bought 2-3 properties in Mumbai for my future, which I sold and invested that cost in films. No one supported the film, but even after this I did not stop.

'Swatantra Veer Savarkar' is released in theaters on March 22.  The film has collected Rs 11.35 crore in 7 days.

'Swatantra Veer Savarkar' is released in theaters on March 22. The film has collected Rs 11.35 crore in 7 days.

Randeep used to fall due to weakness

Randeep also talked about body transformation. He had increased his weight to 60 kg for this character. But what was more difficult was maintaining the weight during the shooting. He said- Earlier I used to take only water, black coffee and green tea. Then I added cheela, dark chocolate and nuts to my diet. Because of this I could not sleep. Used to fall on the set.

Once he fell unconscious while riding a horse. Due to this, he also suffered a knee injury.

Randeep further said- Only I know how I lost my weight after that and that too with a lame leg. After this, I went on a fast stimulation diet. I used to eat just one spoon of almond butter, one spoon of coconut oil, a couple of nuts throughout the day.

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