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Ram Gopal Varma revealed: AR Rahman got a song made by Sukhwinder by taking fees from Subhash Ghai, had said – I paid for the name, not for the music.

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Ram Gopal Varma has recently shared the story of the fight between Subhash Ghai and music composer AR Rahman. While talking to Film Companion, he told that during the shooting of the film Yuvraj, both of them had a heated argument. After the debate, AR Rahman gave his song to another filmmaker instead of Subhash Ghai, for which he received an Oscar.

AR Rahman was the music director of Subhash Ghai's Yuvraj.

Ram Gopal Varma has told that AR Rahman was hired as music director for the 2008 film Yuvraj. Director Subhash Ghai had asked him to prepare the music of a song, but due to being busy, he could not deliver the song on time. When there was a delay in making the song, Subhash Ghai called AR Rahman and narrated it to him. In response AR Rahman had said, I am in London. Leaving for Chennai, will come back and meet you at Sukhwinder Singh's studio.

When Subhash Ghai reached Sukhwinder Singh's studio on the appointed date, he saw that he was composing music. When Subhash Ghai asked about the music, he replied that AR Rahman had asked him to compose music for a song. Subhash Ghai got enraged after hearing this. He felt that due to pressure, AR Rahman started getting the work done by Sukhwinder instead of working himself. They thought Sukhwinder had told them by mistake.

After some time, as soon as AR Rahman reached the studio, he asked Sukhvinder in front of Subhash Ghai whether the song was ready or not. AR Rahman heard the song composed by Sukhwinder and asked Subhash Ghai how he liked the song.

On hearing this, Subhash Ghai became furious. He shouted and said, I am giving you crores of rupees by making you my music director and you are getting tunes made from Sukhwinder. How dare you say this in front of me. If I wanted to get a tune made by Sukhwinder, why would I pay you? I would have signed it only. Who are you to take money from me and get Sukhwinder to make a song?

After listening to Subhash Ghai, AR Rahman had told him, Sir, you are paying me for my name, not for my music. If I am endorsing this song, then it is my song. When you come here, you come to know, but how do you know from whom I got the music of Taal made. Maybe that music was composed by my driver or by someone else.

Before Yuvraj, AR Rahman and Subhash Ghai had worked together in the films Taal and Kisna.

Before Yuvraj, AR Rahman and Subhash Ghai had worked together in the films Taal and Kisna.

AR Rahman won Oscar for the same song

AR Rahman and Subhash Ghai had an argument and that song was not kept in the film. A few years later, the same song was used by AR Rahman in the film Slumdog Millionaire, which was titled Jai Ho. AR Rahman received an Oscar for this song. Some time ago, Subhash Ghai had also told in an interview that the song Jai Ho was made for the film Yuvraj, but it was not according to the theme of the film, so he removed it from the film.

Let us tell you that even though the 2008 film Yuvraj was a huge flop at the box office, its songs were liked a lot. The song Tu Hi To Meri Dost Hai from the film was a chartbuster.

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