Thursday, May 23, 2024

Rainfall in Afghanistan and Pakistan; 57 people died due to lightning leader

Leader Online Desk: Heavy rains and lightning have killed 57 people in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is reported that more than a thousand houses have been damaged and more than 250 animals have died in both the countries.

The dead include 33 from Afghanistan and 24 from Pakistan. Most deaths in Pakistan have occurred in Punjab province. According to the weather department of both the countries, there is a possibility of heavy rain in the next few days.

Abdullah Janan Saq, a spokesman for the Taliban's Ministry of Natural Disaster Management, said the floods had affected the capital Kabul and several other provinces in the country. Crops on nearly 800 hectares have been destroyed and roads have been damaged due to floods. West Farah, Herat, southern Zabul and Kandahar provinces suffered the most damage. The Meteorological Department has warned that heavy rains may occur in most of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan in the coming days.

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