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Rahul Gandhi ready for public discussion with PM Modi

New Delhi; Leading News Service: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has agreed to hold talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Rahul Gandhi met former judge Madan Lokur, former judge Ajit Shah and senior journalist N. I have written to Ram and sent my consent.

Rahul Gandhi wrote in his letter, “I am ready for what you have written in your letter regarding issue-based discussions with Prime Minister Modi. This will let people know about our development vision. People have the right to directly know the vision of the contesting parties. We will consider the nature of the talks when the Prime Minister gives permission.” He also said.

A few days ago former judge Madan Lokur, former judge Ajit Shah Shah and journalist N. Ram had written to Prime Minister Modi and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for a public discussion regarding the Lok Sabha elections. In it he had said that “People are worried because, both sides (NDA and India) have only made allegations and challenges.

No pros and cons answered. Also, being the country with the largest democracy, the whole world is watching the elections in our country. In such a situation, top leaders of BJP and Congress should discuss on non-party platforms.” Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi has responded to this letter and has agreed to the discussion.

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