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Rahul Gandhi: If the Congress government comes, it will give 30 lakh government jobs! Rahul Gandhi's announcement

Leaders Online Desk: Congress has prepared its manifesto for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. It will be released in the next few days after the CWC i.e. Congress Executive approves it. A source close to the Congress executive disclosed the blueprint of the proposed manifesto. It is understood that there is a special emphasis on employment, relief from inflation and social justice.

Meanwhile, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi made a big statement today and said that if the Congress party comes to power, it will take important steps for the youth. There are 30 lakh vacant government posts in India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not filling them. After the Congress government comes to power, first of all we will give these 30 lakh government jobs,' he explained his future direction.

Many say the Congress has promised to fill up 30 lakh vacancies in government jobs as part of its strategy to woo youth voters.

'Everyone's right to one lakh rupees after college education'

Rahul Gandhi said, 'In our manifesto we have given legal guarantee for MSP. Also 30 lakh government jobs will be provided if the government comes to the centre. Dalits, tribals, OBCs and minorities constitute about 90% of India's population. But, if we look at the organization and the budget, it seems that these people are not involved. Every graduate in the country will be entitled to one lakh rupees. We had introduced MGNREGA scheme, which benefited lakhs of people. We gave right to employment. Similarly, we are going to give right to apprenticeship education to all the youth of India. Every graduate and post graduate will get this. Every youth will be nominated for apprenticeship for 1 year immediately after college and will be paid Rs 1 lakh and will have this right.'

The Congress manifesto mentions Rs 6000 per month and 33% reservation in central government jobs for women. It has also promised to conduct a caste-wise census and increase reservation limits for backward castes to tap into the OBC vote bank.

He further said that the second thing is that we had given the powers of MGNREGA. Likewise, we are going to give right to apprenticeship to all the youth of India. Every graduate youth will get this right. After the college diploma, each graduate will be given a one-year apprenticeship in a government office and a private company along with Rs.1 lakh. Immediately after completing the college, this right will be available like MNREGA right.

Congress promises…

1. Recruitment Promise: After coming to power, Congress party will provide 30 lakh jobs at the centre. We will issue a calendar and accordingly complete the recruitment process in a time bound manner.

2. First job guaranteed: Every diploma or graduate will be given one year apprenticeship in a public or private sector company. Along with this, will get Rs 1 lakh (₹8,500/month).

3. Freedom from Paper Leaks: A new law will be enacted to prevent paper leaks in public examinations and conduct fair examinations. This will prevent the future of crores of youth from being destroyed.

4. Social security in the gig economy: Congress will introduce legislation to ensure better working conditions and social security for the millions of young people who seek employment in the gig economy every year.

5. Yuva Roshni: Congress will create a fund of Rs 5,000 crore for all districts of the country for a period of five years. Youth below 40 years of age will be eligible for this fund for their start-ups in any sector.

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