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Rahul Gandhi has been elected as the party leader in the Lok Sabha of the Congress

Leaders Online Desk: Congress leader MP Rahul Gandhi has been appointed as the party leader in the Lok Sabha on Saturday. The Congress Executive Committee (CWC) members unanimously passed the resolution sealing their leadership.

Resignation of seat in Wayanad Constituency

Rahul Gandhi contested the Lok Sabha elections from Wayanad in Kerala and Rae Bareli in Uttar Pradesh. In both the constituencies, he got huge success. Now he has to resign from the membership of a constituency. He has decided to resign from Wayanad constituency seat. Wayanad constituency is considered as the stronghold of Congress. Bye-elections will be held here after Rahul Gandhi resigned from Wayanad Lok Sabha constituency. On behalf of the Congress party, attention has also been paid to who will get a chance here.

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