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Pulopatia of nine electors; The election workers reach after a thrilling 24-hour journey from the sea leader

In India, the world's largest democracy, every vote counts. After a thrilling 24-hour journey by boat followed by speedboats, boats and boats for only nine voters, the Election Commission staff reaches Pulopatia, a small town on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. After this a polling station is established at Pulopatia and the voting process takes place.

Thus begins the journey of election workers

The journey starts from Port Blair by ship. After that one has to catch a speed boat. After covering a short distance from the speed boat, the journey starts from the small boat. Then the crew reaches Pulopatia in a traditional small boat in the last leg.

The last leg through a mangrove forest full of crocodiles

Election Commission staff have to make a thrilling journey across the sea to reach Pulopatia. The final leg of the journey ends through a mangrove forest teeming with crocodiles. EVM machines are sealed in waterproof boxes while on the way here.

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