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Protein Powder | Taking protein supplements or poison? 14% pesticides in protein supplements; 70% of companies mislead leader

Leading Online Desk : Many youths are taking protein supplements to gain body by going to the gym. But there is an important news about this protein supplement. It has been found that 70 percent of protein supplement companies in India provide misleading information. Moreover, 14 percent of protein supplements have been found to contain toxic ingredients. (Protein Powder)

These findings are based on a study of 36 protein supplements sold in India. This research paper has been published in the journal Medicine. These findings have raised serious questions about the quality and safety of protein supplements.

Bodybuilders, exercisers, athletes as well as those who want to get protein easily take protein supplements. The protein supplement market in India is worth a few thousand crores. from Kerala Rajagiri Hospitalhas published this research. (Protein Powder)

Research Findings | Protein Powder

This research shows that the claims made by protein supplement companies are misleading. It said that the information on the label on the supplement box is misleading. Even more serious, 14 percent of protein supplements contain toxic ingredients. These toxins include aflatoxin, a fungal component. While 8 percent of protein supplements have been found to contain pesticides.

In this research, all three types of protein were studied namely complete plant protein, whey protein and blended protein. Companies list the percentage of protein in the supplement on the label. But the information has turned out to be misleading. It has been observed that the protein content is 40 to 60 percent less than the claimed protein content.

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