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Post Office Scheme : Village Security Scheme of Post; Aadhar will be made in old age

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Saving is essential for everyone, be it an employee or a professional; But it is also important to invest the money saved in the right place. For this, it is important to study various options while investing.

If you want to make a good investment or start saving, there are many options available in the market. For this, the option of postal account is also proving to be a good return. Post Office operated schemes are growing in popularity. These schemes come under risk free investment as the deposits in the schemes are not subject to market risk. Millions of people prefer post office schemes as they offer risk-free returns on investment. One of these is 'Gram Suruksha Yojana' which can be your Aadhar in your old age.

Indian citizens between 19 to 55 years of age can invest in this scheme of the Department of Posts. 10,000 to 10 lakh rupees can be invested in this in a year. Investments can be made on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis.

In this scheme, investors will get returns with bonus at the age of 80 years. If a person dies before the age of 80, his legal heirs will get this amount.

Loan facility can be availed only after four years of starting investment in Gram Suruksha Yojana. Bonus can be claimed on investment after five years. You can also surrender the investment after three years of starting the investment. That means you can stop investing.
If an investor buys a Rs 10 lakh Gram Suruksha scheme at the age of 19, he will have to pay a premium of Rs 1,515 every month till the age of 55, which is about Rs 50 per day. The beneficiary who invests in the Post Office Gram Suruksha Yojana will be handed over the entire policy amount i.e. Rs 35 lakh on completion of 80 years.

Investing in such schemes is beneficial if one wants to save a large amount for future or wants to have a lot of money in hand in later age. Because, it also gives you better returns and less risk.

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