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Possibility of armed conflict between India and China: US intelligence agency warns India China Relations | leader

Leading Online Desk : Tensions between India and China have increased, and both countries have deployed large military forces on the border, so the US intelligence agency Director of National Intelligence has expressed concern about the possibility of an armed conflict between the two countries. This organization has submitted this report on March 11. (India China Relations)

Tensions are rising between India and China, leading to small skirmishes. This report said that this could lead to a big conflict. “There is a border dispute between India and China and it has strained bilateral relations. After 2020, no major conflict has arisen between the two countries. But both the countries have deployed a large number of troops along the border. “Small skirmishes between soldiers of both countries can turn into a major armed conflict,” said Ha Report Says

Mention about Pakistan | India China Relations

It also said that China is going beyond its borders to set up military bases in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, which shows China's ambitions beyond its borders. Also, it has been mentioned that if provocation is given by Pakistan, a big conflict can break out.

How many troops on India, China border? India China Relations

In May 2020, Indian and Chinese forces faced each other in Ladakh. There are more than fifty thousand soldiers of both countries in this area. India's position is that until peace is established on the border, relations between the two countries will not be smooth. India inaugurated Sela Tunnel in Arunachal Pradesh a few days ago. This tunnel is important for India from military policy.

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