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PM Modi Visits Kashmir | In the name of Article 370, Congress has misled the country with Jammu and Kashmir – PM Modi leader

Leaders Online: Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Kashmir today for the first time after the abrogation of Article 370. Meanwhile, he inaugurated 53 projects worth Rs 6,400 crore to boost agriculture and tourism sector in Jammu Kashmir at the 'Developed India, Developed Jammu Kashmir' program at the Bakshi Stadium in Srinagar. (PM Modi Kashmir Visit) On this occasion he commented on Article 370 while addressing the people of Kashmir.

“Today, Jammu and Kashmir is at a new height of development. Because Jammu and Kashmir is breathing freely today. This freedom from restrictions has been obtained after the deletion of Article 370. For decades, Congress and its allies misled the people of Jammu and Kashmir in the name of 370 for political gain. He also misled the country.” In such words, PM Modi targeted the opponents.

Today there is no Article 370. Hence, the talent of the youth of Jammu and Kashmir is being fully respected and they are getting new opportunities. Today everyone has equal rights and equal opportunities here. Has Article 370 benefited Jammu and Kashmir? Some political families were taking advantage of it? He alleged that.

The people of Jammu and Kashmir have realized that they have been misled. He also alleged that Jammu and Kashmir was kept under restrictions for the benefit of some families. (PM Modi Visits Kashmir)

Jammu and Kashmir has a deep relationship with the lotus

Lotuses are seen everywhere in the lakes here. The logo of the Jammu Kashmir Cricket Association, which was established 50 years ago, also has a lotus. The BJP's symbol is also the lotus and Jammu and Kashmir has a deep connection with the lotus. It is a happy coincidence or any warning given by nature, he added.

Along with tourism, Jammu and Kashmir also has strength in agriculture and agricultural products. He said that Jammu-Kashmir is a big brand, seeing all the saffron, apples, fruits and cherries of Jammu Kashmir.

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