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PM Modi Interview: 'Kar Nahi Ayah Dar Why', PM Modi's Reply to Opponents on ED Action | leader

Leader Online Desk : PM Modi Interview : Most of the cases registered by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) are against individuals and organizations that have nothing to do with politics. The honest person has no reason to fear, but those involved in corruption are afraid of their sin, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In an interview to ANI, he refuted the opposition's allegations that the government sent people to jail.

PM Modi gave an interview to the news agency ANI. In this interview, he commented on many topics related to the country's politics. 'I have big plans. No one needs to panic. My decisions are not meant to intimidate or oppress anyone. They are for the overall development of the country,' he explained.

PM Modi further said, I have started preparations for the third term. The initial 100 day plan is ready. In my speeches I mention the target not 2024 but 2047. When the country was celebrating Amrit Mahotsav after 75 years of independence, I started to raise this issue. In 2047, the country will complete 100 years of independence. Naturally there are phases, they somehow overwhelm a person with new enthusiasm and determination. Everyone should set a goal for themselves.

'One nation, one election' benefits the country

On 'One Nation, One Election', Prime Minister Modi said, 'One Nation, One Election is our commitment. Many people have given their suggestions to the committee. There have been many positive and innovative suggestions. If we can implement this report, the country will benefit a lot.'

Congress politicized Ram temple for vote bank

Congress and its allies used the Ram temple issue as a political weapon. When we were not even born, our party was not even born. At that time, the matter could have been settled in court. The problem could have been solved. When India was partitioned, they could have taken concrete decisions at the time of partition but they didn't. He used this case as a political weapon for vote bank.

Attack on Congress on the issue of Sanatan

On the DMK leader's 'anti-Sanat' remark a few days ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Congress should be asked what is its compulsion to sit with people who spew so much venom against Sanatan? What kind of distortion of Congress mentality is this?' Such a trick.

What did PM Modi say on electoral bonds?

Speaking on electoral bonds, Prime Minister Modi said, 'Opposition parties are lying about this scheme. Everyone will regret it. It was a plan to prevent black money in elections and the opposition wants to run away with allegations.'

Questions were raised on Rahul Gandhi's statement

Speaking on Rahul Gandhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, 'Unfortunately these days we see that there is no commitment and responsibility towards a single word. You may have seen old videos of a leader doing the rounds, where all his views are contradictory. Seeing this, they think that this leader is trying to throw dust in the eyes of the people. Recently I heard a politician saying “ek jhatka mein garibi hata dunga”. When only those who got a chance to stay in power for 5-6 decades speak like this, the country wonders what this man is talking about.'

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