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PM Modi Bill Gates | 'I am not a tech expert, but I have a childlike curiosity about AI'- PM Modi | leader

Leaders Online Desk: Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed issues ranging from artificial intelligence (AI) to digital payments in an interview with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. At this time, PM Modi said, 'I am not a tech expert, but I have child-like curiosity and curiosity about AI'. (PM Modi Bill Gates)

Technology was the main topic during the discussion between PM Modi and Bill Gates. Apart from this, education, health and agriculture were major topics in this discussion. The Prime Minister briefed Bill Gates about the changes in the health and agriculture sectors under his government's Lakhpati Didi Yojana. On this occasion, Gates praised India's digital government and congratulated Prime Minister Modi for this revolution.
The Prime Minister said in the meeting that India's economy is growing continuously and the entire country has embraced the digital revolution. Giving an example, he said that in India, during the Corona period, people used to book online for vaccination through the Kovin app and took appointments themselves. Due to this, the digital sector has made people's work easier during Corona. (PM Modi Bill Gates)

Further explaining about India's digital revolution, PM Modi said, “Two lakh Ayushman Health Centers have been built in the villages of the country. I have connected these health centers with the best hospitals with modern technology. The PM further said that the agriculture sector needs to be modernized today. That is why we started the initiative Drone Didi and it is running successfully, PM Modi also said. (PM Modi Bill Gates)

Believing in AI is dangerous: PM Modi

During the discussion, PM Modi said that the possibility of misuse of AI increases when it is given to someone without training to use it. The PM suggested starting with clear watermarks on AI-generated content. So that no one can misuse it. He said that in a democratic country like India, anyone can use deepfake. So if you rely on AI out of laziness, it's wrong. Now we have to go ahead of AI and compete with chat GPT, PM Modi also said.

The things you think are easy are the ones that fail-Bill Gates

Responding to this, Bill Gates said that these are the early days of AI. Things that you think are difficult will become easy but things that you think are easy will fail there.

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