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plane: The pilot slept, the plane woke up as it crashed leader

Jakarta : News Agency : Both the pilots of the Indonesian plane fell asleep while flying the plane. He slept for half an hour. But after drifting in the air, it was a rude awakening as soon as the plane began to tilt. Although they landed the plane safely, an investigation has been started in the matter.

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The Batik Air flight from Sulawesi to Jakarta had 153 passengers and four crew members. After the plane took off for the two and a half hour journey, both pilots fell fast asleep. During this time, they were contacted by the control rooms of the airports after seeing that the plane deviated from the scheduled route and was going in the third direction. But they did not wake up. At last, due to the deterioration of the atmosphere, the plane began to eat hell.

So these pilots got a rude awakening. He avoided the mistake and landed the plane safely at Jakarta airport. The Indonesian Civil Aviation Authority has launched an investigation and suspended both of them.

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