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Pink dolphin found in Carolina! | leader

North Carolina: Humans have been fascinated by the ocean since time immemorial. The seas are also seeing life that has never been seen before and this adds another layer of wonder. Dolphin safari in sea is famous in many places. Many people travel to the sea just to see dolphins. In reality, the white dolphins we have seen so far are white dolphins. However, currently some pictures of pink dolphins are going viral on social media, due to which pink dolphins are being discussed.

In this viral post, a rare pink dolphin can be seen swimming in the sea. Dolphins are considered to be the most intelligent animals in the world after humans. Dolphins are as smart as they are rare. According to media reports, this pink dolphin was spotted off the coast of North Carolina, USA. The pink dolphin is one of the rarely seen animals. Catching its rare appearance on camera in such situations is a pleasant experience for animal lovers.

Earlier, a whale watching group in California had seen a wonderful white dolphin. Casper, a white dolphin, was swimming with a whale watching boat. So far, this photo of the rare dolphin has been seen by many netizens, and many reactions have been given on it. One user said it was really amazing to see the pink dolphin, while another blamed the photo manipulation.

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