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Physical fight in Bigg Boss OTT-3: Armaan Malik slapped Vishal, said about his wife Kritika- Bhabhi looks good

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There has been a physical fight in the popular reality show Bigg Boss OTT recently. The show's contestant Armaan Malik has slapped Vishal Pandey. Actually, just a few days ago, Vishal had made a controversial comment on Armaan's second wife Kritika Malik. He had said that he likes Payal Malik.

Recently, in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, former contestant of the show and Armaan Malik's first wife Payal Malik came. She came on the show and objected to Vishal Pandey's comment in which he said that he likes married Kritika Malik and she feels guilty about this.

When Payal Malik expressed her displeasure by revealing this on the show, everyone was shocked. Vishal Pandey had told the host Anil Kapoor that he had said differently, but his words have been twisted. However, Anil Kapoor has also reprimanded him on this issue.

Now the news is that after Vishal's controversial comment, Armaan Malik has slapped him. Recently, Jio Cinema has released a new promo of the show in which Armaan Malik is seen slapping Vishal. This fight started with an argument between Armaan Malik and Vishal, however later the matter escalated to a scuffle between the two.

Vishal Pandey was shocked after being slapped, while the other housemates caught Armaan. Ever since the promo came out, everyone is demanding action against Armaan Malik.

Anil Kapoor accused of discrimination

Ever since Vishal was slapped, the fans of the show have been expressing their displeasure with Anil Kapoor. Many fans believe that host Anil Kapoor is very strict with Vishal Pandey. He constantly targets Vishal.

What is the whole matter?

Actually, recently after a task, Vishal Pandey confessed that he likes Kritika Malik. He told Lavkesh Kataria sitting next to him that he is guilty about one thing. When Lavkesh asked him the whole thing, he whispered in his ear that he likes Kritika Bhabhi. Lavkesh immediately interrupted Vishal after listening to him. After this, in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Armaan Malik's first wife Payal raised her voice on that issue.

Let us tell you that this week Vishal Pandey, Ranveer Shouri, Munisha, Luv Kataria, Sana Sultana, Sana Maqbool, Sai Ketan are nominated to be evicted from the house.

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