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Pankaj Tripathi reacted to Pankaj Jha's words: He said- 'I never sought sympathy by telling about my struggle, nor did I ever say that I slept at the station'

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Pankaj Jha, who plays the role of MLA in the web series Panchayat, had recently indirectly targeted actor Pankaj Tripathi.

Jha said that there are many actors in the industry who glamorize their struggle by snatching work from other actors. Now Pankaj Tripathi has given his reaction on these things.

Talking to India Today, he said, 'I don't glamorize my journey and struggle. Yes, I did tell you that when I was looking for work, my wife used to run the house. I never said that I slept at Andheri station with a towel tied around my waist. When I came to Mumbai, I had a wonderful and happy life. I have never glamorized my struggle to garner sympathy.'

Pankaj Tripathi further said that his aim is not at all to inspire anyone by telling his life journey.

Pankaj Jha has worked in films like 'Black Friday' and 'Gulaal'.

Pankaj Jha has worked in films like 'Black Friday' and 'Gulaal'.

What did Pankaj Jha say in his last interview?

Recently, in an interview given to Digital Commentary, Jha had also said that some people steal someone's slippers and say that he is a very big actor for us, that's why we stole his slippers. According to reports, he was pointing towards Pankaj Tripathi.

Actually, Pankaj Tripathi had told in 'The Kapil Sharma Show' a few years ago that during his struggling days, Manoj Bajpayee had once come to stay at the hotel where he used to work. Manoj had forgotten his slippers in the hotel itself which Pankaj had kept.

Pankaj Tripathi played the role of Sultan in 'Gangs of Wasseypur', which was first offered to Pankaj Jha.

Pankaj Tripathi played the role of Sultan in 'Gangs of Wasseypur', which was first offered to Pankaj Jha.

When Jha was asked in the interview whether he feels that politics was played with him for the role in 'Gangs of Wasseypur'? In response to this, he said, 'I had gone to Patna for the shooting of a film. There I got a message from casting director Mukesh Chhabra that he wanted to cast me in 'Gangs of Wasseypur'. When I returned after two days after shooting for some other project, I came to know that the role in Wasseypur had been given to someone else.' Let us tell you that Pankaj Tripathi got that role, which changed his fortunes.

Pankaj Jha gave clarification

Recently, Jha, while clarifying the things said in the interview, denied that he had said those things for Pankaj Tripathi.

He had said, 'I did not take the name of any Tripathi in the interview. You can listen to my interviews that I did not take anyone's name. Why would I say such things? Media always needs masala and for this they make such news according to their own convenience.'

Pankaj further said, 'Such news makes no sense. Pankaj Tripathi is a very good friend of mine. We have worked together in many films. He is my junior. He came into the industry after me and I have been here for a long time.'

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