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Oscars Awards 2024 : John Cena's nude entry on stage; Know why? | leader

Leaders Online: Oscar is the biggest and most prestigious award ceremony. While announcing the 2024 awards in this ceremony, WWE wrestler John Cena made a nude entry on the stage and shocked the audience. He had no clothes on his body. John was here to announce the Best Costume awards. Meanwhile, the host of the show, Jimmy Kimmel, put a small sheet on John. In a video going viral on social media, John Cena comes on stage shirtless. They have tried to cover part of their body with a small piece of cardboard. Actors present at the Oscars couldn't stop laughing when they saw John Cena naked behind the curtain on the stage. His video is going viral on social media.

John Cena naked on stage

By doing so at the Oscars event, John Cena spoke about the importance of john cena costumes. John Cena was called on stage by host Jimmy Kimmel for a segment in which John was to appear naked. Host Jimmy recalled an incident that happened 50 years ago at the 1974 Oscars, when a naked man walked onto the award show stage during an awards presentation. Jimmy then said how he would have felt if that had happened on this stage. After this, John Cena was seen hiding on stage without clothes. John Cena said the costume is essential. And he announced the winner of Best Costume Design along with Jimmy. Everyone started laughing after seeing this action of John Cena.

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