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'No one will watch IPL without Shahrukh': Juhi Chawla tweeted after Wankhede Stadium controversy; SRK was banned for five years

31 minutes ago

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Juha Chawla had said that if Shahrukh Khan withdraws from IPL then no one will watch this league. Juhi Chawla's statement came after Shahrukh's Wankhede Stadium controversy. Actually, a guard of Wankhede Stadium had refused to allow Shahrukh to enter the field. Shahrukh did not like this. They clashed with the security guard. There was enough bickering.

Due to this action of Shahrukh, his entry into Wankhede Stadium was banned for five years. After this, Juhi Chawla, co-owner of Shahrukh's team KKR, said that if Shahrukh gets upset, will people not reach Wankhede or any other stadium?

First see this tweet of Juhi Chawla in 2012

A dash of glamor was seen in the early days of IPL
Actually the Indian Premier League was started in 2008. Along with cricket, the glamor of Bollywood was also seen in this. To promote it, celebs used to go to the stadium and support their favorite teams. Kolkata Knight Riders had the highest popularity in the first season.

The reason for this was only and only Shahrukh Khan. Shahrukh Khan used to reach the stadium in every match to support his team. When the team won, he used to start dancing in the middle of the audience. People were very thrilled when Shahrukh did this. Similarly, Punjab's mistress Preity Zinta also used to create thrill among the audience.

After the team wins, Shahrukh often comes inside the field and celebrates.

Officials had said- Shahrukh was drunk
In 2012, during a match between Mumbai Indians and KKR, Shahrukh Khan clashed with the security staff and officials of Wankhede Stadium. Shahrukh said that one of them abused him and his children were mistreated. The officials said that Shahrukh was drunk and it was he who started the fight. Later Shahrukh Khan admitted that he should not have behaved like this.

After this controversy, Shahrukh was refused to enter the stadium for five years.

Mumbai Cricket Association had banned Shahrukh for five years from entering Wankhede Stadium. This ban was imposed by the Managing Committee of Mumbai Cricket Association, which also included late Congress leader Vilasrao Deshmukh.

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