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No agreement to give 'clean chit' to those who came with BJP: Devendra Fadnavis

New Delhi, Leading News Service: There may be some accusations against our frontline comrades; But we have not entered into any agreement with them to give a 'clean chit'. The investigation agencies will take the decision they think fit about these allegations. Therefore, Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has said that BJP is a washing machine for corrupt leaders of other parties.

Speaking in an interview to an English digital media, Fadnavis gave a clear answer to the allegation of washing machine against the BJP. Fadnavis said that we do not deny that other parties are forming an alliance with us. However, we have not entered into any agreement with them. This is politics. Political Views The moment you have no choice or people are dishonest with you, you have to answer. So we have tried to make a big alliance with other parties. It is possible, that some charges may be brought against our comrades in the front; But we with them to give 'clean chit'

No contract has been made. The investigating agencies will take the decision regarding these allegations as they think fit. The allegation that BJP is a washing machine for corrupt leaders from other parties is wrong.

Fadnavis further said that the only leader who has been accused of corruption in the past and later joined the BJP is former Chief Minister Ashok Chavan. Only Ashok Chavan joined our party. However, in other cases, other parties have joined the alliance with us. We have not taken anyone from his party into BJP.

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