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Neither physical relationship nor love…! The new trend of marriage in Japan, know what is 'friendship marriage'?

Leader Online Desk: Marriage is said to be the union of two souls. This old concept of marriage is undergoing frequent changes. Live in relationship is also one such change. In which there is no need to marry but they live as husband and wife. Now another new wedding trend has arrived. In which there is no need for physical contact or love. The trend of 'Friendship Marriage' is growing rapidly among young people in Japan. Know what is 'Friendship Marriage'?.

There should be friendship between husband and wife. This is fine, but if the marriage is purely for friendship, the picture is completely different. The trend of such weddings is growing in Japan. There is no requirement that they have physical relationship or love after marriage. According to the South China Morning Post, one percent of Japan's 124 million people prefer friendship marriage.

What is 'Friendship Marriage'?

Friendship marriage means that young people are legally husband and wife. But husbands do not perform love or other responsibilities like wives. There is no need for physical contact between the two. After such a marriage, the couple may live together or decide to live separately. They can have children through artificial insemination if they wish. Both have the freedom to have relations with other spouses as well. Speaking to the South China Morning Post, a married man said friendship marriages are like choosing like-minded roommates. In such a marriage, the spouses decide how to spend the house, who will do the washing, cleaning and other chores.

How is marriage performed?

According to reports, couples spend several hours or days together before marriage. Meanwhile, both of them talk openly about many things. An agency called Kolorus is the first agency to organize such weddings. According to reports, around 500 people have conducted friendship marriages since the agency started in March 2015. Many of these couples also have children. According to reports, young people above 32 years of age are preferring this type of marriage. Those who want freedom even after marriage are preferring such marriage.

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