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NEET Scam : Papers to be solved by teachers in Gujarat; 5 people arrested, checks worth 2 crore seized

Leader Online Desk: A racket has been busted by the police in Godhra, Gujarat, even as the NEET entrance exam for medical courses is engulfed in controversy. In this, it has been revealed that the teachers are solving NEET answer sheets.
So far 5 people have been arrested. Those arrested include teacher Tushar Bhat, school principal Purushottam Sharma, and Purushottam Roy, head of an educational consultancy firm, district police chief Himanshu Solankhi said.

NEET Scam in Godhra, Gujarat

  • A racket busted in Godhra, Gujarat
  • The teachers were solving NEET answer sheets.
  • Phone numbers of 30 students and Rs 7 lakhs in cars
  • 2 crore 30 lakh checks seized

Phone numbers of 30 students were found in Tushar Bhat's mobile phone and 7 lakh rupees in the car. A check worth Rs 233 lakh has been seized from Roy. These checks bear the signatures of the parents of the students. This news By Hindustan Times is given

Students were asked to leave the answer sheet blank

In this case, the students were asked to leave the answer sheet blank, after which the teacher wrote the answers. This kind of thing has come to light in Jalaram School. Roy introduced these students to Bhat. Bhat is a physics teacher as well as the superintendent of the National Testing Agency. The checks held by Roy have the signatures of the parents of the students.

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