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NEET 2024 : Distance learners can also appear for 'NEET' exam; Supreme Court Decision | leader

New Delhi : Jal Khambata : Students who have studied through distance education system will now be able to take the 'NEET' exam. Thousands of students across the country will now be able to get a chance as the Supreme Court overturned the decision that deprived these students of medical education.

National Eligibility Entrance Test or 'NEET' is mandatory for admission to medical courses. Lakhs of students appear for this exam every year from all over the country. However, students completing their undergraduate education through distance education system could not appear for 'neat' examination. Because, 27 years ago, a decision was taken regarding it; But now with the decision of the Supreme Court, the doors of medical education will be opened for these students. take P. S. Narasimha and Nya. Arvind Kumar's bench has given this judgment on the petition of the Medical Council. The Medical Council had challenged in the Supreme Court the decision of the Delhi High Court to make the students who studied through distance education system eligible to appear for the 'NEET' examination as well. Due to this result, students who have studied up to 12th through distance learning from CBSE recognized institutes will now be able to get a chance to become doctors. Till now thousands of students were deprived of this opportunity in last 27 years.

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