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NASA On Moon: China's bid to capture part of moon, says NASA chief

Leader Online Desk: China is pursuing a secret military program in space to claim part of the moon. NASA chief Bill Nelson has made such a shocking claim about China. NASA is an American space research agency. (NASA On Moon)

Nelson added that China has always maintained that its actions in space are purely scientific. Its intention is not to encroach in any way, but China's intention is different. China has made tremendous progress in space. So we feel that most of his programs remain secret. Both the US and China are trying to build a permanent base on the moon. In March this year, Chinese scientists announced the creation of a Disneyland-sized lunar base, the NASA chief also explained. (NASA On Moon)

NASA On Moon: America sees China as an important competitor

From China's actions so far, it seems that their aim is to take over part of the moon. China and we are in the same race. By 2030 we (US) are preparing to land on the moon. We want to get there soon. Meanwhile, NASA chief Bill Nelson has also said that NASA's Artemis III will launch in September 2026.

China to build space station before 2022

Actually, America has always cared about the moon. He considers China as his most important competitor. But Nelson claims that America is far ahead of China. He said that if China starts building its bases there. So it can claim parts of the moon. NASA is concerned because China has already built its space station in 2022. Along with this, it has doubled the number of its satellites, Nelson said.

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