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'Nada' of politics lost the game! BJP supporter offered his finger to 'Kali Maa'!

Leader Online Desk: After the results of the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP-led NDA government will once again be formed in the country. Meanwhile, BJP supporter Durgesh Pandey from Chhattisgarh cut off his finger and offered it to the Kali temple as he took vows in the Lok Sabha elections, reports said. By 'India Today' is given After this shocking incident, Durgesh Pandey was immediately admitted to the hospital.

Lok Sabha election results were announced on June 4. In the initial counting of votes, it was clear that the Congress was in the lead along with the anti-BJP India Alliance. This made BJP supporter Durgesh Pandey depressed. He went to the Kali temple and prayed for BJP's victory. Pandey was elated when he saw the BJP emerging as the single largest party and the NDA crossing the majority figure of 272. They again went to the Kali temple. Here he cut off the finger of his left hand and offered it to the goddess. They tried to stop the bleeding by tying a cloth around the wound. His condition deteriorated due to excessive bleeding. His family took Durgesh to Samari Health Centre.

The boat could not be reconnected

Durgesh received first aid at Samari Health Centre; however, due to serious injuries, he was admitted to Ambikapur Medical College. He was operated on here. Unfortunately, due to delay in treatment, Durgesh Pandey's broken finger could not be reattached. Pandey's condition is now stable.

Vows were taken in the Kali temple

I was dismayed to see that Congress was leading at the beginning of the Lok Sabha election results. Congress supporters were very excited. I went to the Kali temple in my village. This temple is the shrine of the entire village. Pandey says that I also had faith in it and took a vow. On June 4, it was clear that the BJP was winning the Lok Sabha election results in the evening. So I went to the temple, cut my finger and offered. The BJP will form the government now, but I would have been happier if they (NDA) crossed the 400 mark,” he added while talking to the media.

BJP-led NDA has won 293 out of 543 seats. Telugu Desam Party's N. Allies like Chandrababu Naidu and JD(U)'s Nitish Kumar helped the alliance cross the majority mark. The opposition India Aghadi has won 234 seats. Now the swearing-in ceremony of the BJP-led NDA government will be held on Sunday 9. Narendra Modi will take oath as Prime Minister.

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