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Mukesh Khanna was criticized for the negative review of 'Kalki': The actor clarified that there was no intention to insult people

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Director Nag Ashwin's film 'Kalki 2898 AD' is getting a good response from the audience. At the time of the film's release, Mukesh Khanna gave a negative review of this film. Due to which he was criticized a lot. Now he has clarified his statement. He has said that there was no intention to insult people.

Mukesh Khanna had said about the film on his YouTube channel that this film has been made for the intelligent people of the West. People of Odisha and Bihar will not be able to understand it. When Mukesh Khanna's statement was criticized, he clarified it.

Mukesh Khanna wrote on Instagram- There was no intention to insult the people of Odisha and Bihar. I came to know through social media that people of Odisha and Bihar believe that I have insulted their intelligence while reviewing the film Kalki. This is a huge misunderstanding, which I want to clarify.

Mukesh Khanna said- I only pointed out two shortcomings of the film. One of which was that the facts of Mahabharata have been presented in a distorted manner. Secondly, the first part of the film is boring and confusing, which the general audience will not be able to understand. I presented the rural people of Odisha and Bihar as an example and told that many people will not understand the first part in the Hollywood style.

Mukesh Khanna further said- I talked about the shortcomings of the film, I did not make fun of people's intelligence anywhere. I have gone to Odisha and Bihar for election campaigns and programs. I have also visited Puri temple. Why would I speak ill about them?

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