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Mukesh Khanna protested against Ranveer becoming Shaktiman: Said- He will not become Shaktiman, if he wants to show nudity then go and live in some other country.

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Famous actor Mukesh Khanna, who plays the character of 'Shaktimaan', has expressed his objection to Ranveer Singh becoming Shaktimaan. Let us tell you, Shaktimaan is called India's first superhero. If reports are to be believed then Ranveer Singh was going to play the role of Shaktimaan. On this Mukesh Khanna said- Despite Ranveer Singh's star power, he can never become Shaktimaan. She termed Ranveer's nude photoshoot as childish and wrong for the role of Shaktimaan.

After being trolled on his nude photoshoot, Ranveer had said that when Salman Khan takes off his shirt, people whistle, so why do people have a problem with me taking off my pants? Now Mukesh Khanna has replied to him by mentioning this in his YouTube video. He said- We definitely have a problem with this. Let us tell you, Mukesh has now deleted this video from YouTube.

Mukesh Khanna has objection to this photoshoot of Ranveer.

Mukesh Khanna has objection to this photoshoot of Ranveer.

While giving advice to Ranveer, Mukesh said- If he wants to show his body then he should look for roles in other countries where nudity is famous. He said- You go and live in some other country, like Finland or Spain. There are nudist camps there. Go there and work in such films, there you will definitely get to do a nude scene in almost every third scene.

Mukesh Khanna shared the post on Instagram.

Mukesh Khanna shared the post on Instagram.

Mukesh advised Ranveer to stay within limits

Mukesh Khanna said that we are not used to seeing such things. You should stay within your limits. Some actresses also supported Ranveer's nude photoshoot. Even on this, Mukesh expressed his anger and said that why do you have to show your private parts.

But still if you want to expose then go and live in some other country. He said- Acting is done by the face, not by six pack abs. Mukesh believes that undoubtedly Ranveer will be comfortable in a nude shoot. But we are not comfortable seeing them like this.

What quality should an actor playing the role of Shaktiman have?

Mukesh Khanna said that Shaktimaan has no competition with Hollywood superheroes. This competition is from the old Shaktiman, which we have shown for so many years. This is not just about superheroes, Shaktimaan is a guru, who also gives good education to children. He says that only Shaktimaan can become an actor, who can set an example of goodness. He said- The film will not run on the actors, but will run on the story line.

Mukesh further said – If Shaktiman is made, then he will have to be powerful, because he will come as all-powerful. He is the strongest in the universe. He has everything. Let us tell you, last month reports had claimed that the shooting of 'Shaktimaan' will start in May 2025, in which Ranveer will be in the lead role and director Basil Joseph will direct it.

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