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Movie Review- Munjya: Sometimes the film will scare you and sometimes it will make you laugh, the concept is new, the visual and sound effects are superb; a little more work should have been done on the story

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  • Movie Review, Munjya, The Film Will Sometimes Scare You And Sometimes Make You Laugh, The Concept Is New, The Visual And Sound Effects Are Superb, The Direction Could Have Been Better

16 minutes agoAuthor: Ashish Tiwari

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Sharvari Wagh, Abhay Verma and Mona Singh starrer horror-comedy film Munjya has been released. Dainik Bhaskar has given 3.5 stars rating out of 5 to this 2 hour 3 minute long film.

What is the story of the film?
This film revolves around a child Munjya. The child is in love with a girl older than him. When his mother finds out about this, she gets his head shaved. However, the child's love for the girl does not diminish. He goes to Chetukwadi, a forest near the village, and starts practicing black magic. He also takes his sister along with him.

While doing black magic, he tries to sacrifice his sister by deceit, but is not successful in doing so. While fighting with his sister, he gets hurt and dies. After death, he takes the form of Brahmarakshas.

He starts harassing Bittu (Abhay Verma) who is related to his family's bloodline. Abhay loves his family friend Bela (Sharvari), but is never able to speak to her. Bela is the next generation of the family of the girl Brahmarakshas Munjya loved. Now Brahmarakshas Munjya uses Bittu as his pawn to get her. Now you will have to watch the film to know what happens next.

How is the acting of the star cast?
The lead actor of the film, Abhay Verma, has done a good job. He has played his role with innocence throughout the film. His facial expressions are amazing. Sharvari has also done a good job. Mona Singh's role as Bittu's mother is quite impressive. Her comic timing will make you laugh at times. It is also important to mention the child who has played the role of Munjya.

How is the direction?
This film has been directed by Aditya Sarpotdar. He has succeeded in keeping the audience engaged till the end. Some scenes will scare you a lot. The visual effects, sound effects and cinematography of the film are praiseworthy.

However, the director seems a bit confused in telling what the actual genre of this film is. At some places the film scares, and at other places it makes you laugh. The seriousness with which the film starts does not make it seem that comedy will be seen in the future.

How is the music?
The music of this film can also be counted among the positive points. You may like a song made on a party theme. You may not remember the lyrics of the song but the tune can definitely resonate in your mind.

Final verdict of the film, watch it or not?
Although this film is based on a horror-supernatural theme, children may like it. If you want to watch something different these days, then you can go for this film. There is also a strong dose of comedy in the film, so if you go to watch it thinking it to be a traditional horror film, then you will be disappointed.

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