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“Mother came in my dream..”: Birth mother slits throat of toddler, then burns her alive!

Leader Online Desk : A birth mother slashed the throat of her four-year-old only son with a shovel, burned him on a gas grill to save him from dying. However, he did not die, so he was burned alive with wood. This terrible incident took place in Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh. The woman has confessed to the crime during police interrogation. “My mother came in my dream. She asked me for a gift of a child. I gave it.” The villagers are shocked by the woman's confession. Psychiatrist doctors have suspected that the woman may be suffering from psychosis after getting information about this incident.

Kapil Kumar, a resident of Jalalpur Hasna village in Bijnor, was married to Adesh Devi, a resident of Mohlarpur village, five years ago. A son was born about a year after the marriage.

The mother reached the limit of virginity… The crime came to light because of the father

After her husband went to the field in the morning, Adesh Devi cut the throat of her four-year-old son Harsh with a spade. After this, they tried to burn him by putting him on a gas grill. As the child survived, a pile of wood was made and the child was burnt alive. At this time, the woman's husband came home. He pulled the boy out of the fire. He was alive. He took the burnt child and rushed to the hospital. But the doctor said that the child died before the treatment.

“Mom came in my dream….”

The husband lodged a complaint in this case at Himpur Dipa Police Station of Bijnor. Police have arrested the woman. During interrogation, the woman said that her mother had appeared to her in a dream. She asked for her son's gift. She gave it. The villagers have also been shocked by this incident. Everyone was saying how can a mother do this? At the same time, after learning about the incident, the psychiatrist suspected that the woman might be suffering from psychosis. Her brother said that the woman was a mental patient and was undergoing treatment. But her medication was off for one and a half years.

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