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Moscow concert hall attack | Major casualties in the Moscow attack! The death toll has risen to 115 leader

Leaders Online: Armed gunmen attacked the Crocus City concert hall in the Russian capital Moscow on Friday, killing many. The death toll in this attack has gone up to 115. More than 187 have been injured. Russian officials said on Saturday that the death toll was likely to rise. The Russian investigative agency has said that 115 people have died in this attack so far. (Moscow concert hall attack)

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack at the famous Crocus City concert venue complex near Moscow. The attackers attacked with guns and explosives. At least 115 people were killed and many injured. The Ministry of Health of Russia has announced that 44 people injured in this attack are in critical condition, including two children.

A senior official in the ministry said, “The condition of 16 people, including a child, is critical in the terrorist attack in Crocus. According to the Russian government's news agency RIA Novosti, armed gunmen opened fire with automatic weapons. They also threw grenades and explosives. which caused the fire.

So far 11 suspects have been arrested in this case. About 500 workers are working to clear the debris from the site where the attack took place. Four of the 11 gunmen arrested in connection with the Moscow concert hall attack were directly involved in the attack, Russia's security chief told President Vladimir Putin.

The Russian investigative agency said that rescue operations are underway at the scene and the death toll in the attack is likely to rise. At least 115 people have been confirmed dead so far. The regional government's Ministry of Health released the names of 37 people who died in the attack on Saturday. (Moscow concert hall attack)

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