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Monsoon 2024 Update: Good News | The date of arrival of Monsoon in Kerala has been decided! To be filed on 'this' date

Leader Online Desk: Favorable conditions for entry of Monsoon in South Andaman Sea are more likely in next 3 days. So Monsoon is going to enter Kerala a day earlier. The Indian Meteorological Department has predicted that monsoon will arrive in Kerala on Friday, May 31.

Salient Features of Monsoon:

  • Monsoon generally enters Kerala around 1st June.
  • This year one day earlier i.e. 31st May Monsoon in Kerala
  • Monsoon covers the entire country by July 15.
  • Monsoon will rain strongly in the country this year. Above average means 106 percent rainfall is expected.
  • In the coming monsoon season, 'La Nina' will return, rain will fall intermittently.

The general date of arrival of monsoon in Kerala is 1st June. But this year, the weather department has predicted that the monsoon will start its journey to the mainland a day earlier. In the next three days i.e. till 19th of May, Monsoon. The bulletin issued by the IMD also explained that the Andaman Sea, Southeast Sea of ​​Bengal, Southeast Bay of Bengal and Nicobar Islands are likely to enter, thus monsoon may arrive in Kerala earlier than the usual date of May 31.

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