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Mob lynching : 2 truck drivers carrying buffaloes lynched; Acts of cow vigilantes

Leader Online Desk : In Chhattisgarh Three buffaloes were thrashed on suspicion of smuggling cows. Two have died and one is seriously injured. All three are from Uttar Pradesh. This incident happened on Friday (8th) early morning near Arang temple. A 57-second video of the injured person is going viral on social media.

Two killed, one seriously injured

According to information, on Friday 15-20 people suspected that cows were being smuggled from trucks. The men then chased the truck from Patewa on the Mahasamund-Arang road, about 70 km from Raipur. They stopped the truck on the bridge over Mahanadi and attacked. The attack took place between 3 am and two people were killed. One is seriously injured. All three are residents of Saharanpur city in Uttar Pradesh. Raipur ASP Kirtan Rathod while talking to the media said that one person's body was found at the spot. Two injured men were taken to a public health center. One of the two died there.

Video viral on social media

The video of the injured person in the incident has started going viral on social media. In the viral video, the man says, “14-15 people attacked them, beat up two of them and threw their bodies from the bridge into the river. He said that he survived because he jumped from the bridge to save his life.

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