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Mithun was not happy because of his looks and complexion: Shabana Azmi said- 'He used to be upset because he was not fair, my mother explained to him and then he agreed'

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Mithun Chakraborty, one of the top stars of the 80s, was never happy with his looks and complexion. Actress Shabana Azmi told this in an interview. Actually Mithun was Shabana's junior in FTII. When Mithun mentioned his insecurities to Shabana's mother, she gave a very good advice which boosted the actor's morale a lot.

Used to be troubled because of not being fair in complexion

Shabana, who appeared on Arbaaz Khan's chat show 'The Invincible Series', said, 'Mithun Chakraborty was my junior in the Film and Television Institute of India. I remember he used to come to our house. He was very upset that he was not fair and his teeth were crooked. One day when he came home and said this, my mother (Shaukat Kaifi) hugged him and said, don't worry about all these things, you dance very well.'

Mithun worked on his strengths and things worked out

Mithun also talked about his insecurities in an old interview and said, 'I had a complex about my complexion. I used to think that I cannot change my skin tone but I can become a villain in films. I went to the film institute and came back after training. I used to dance well, also did good fight sequences. I wanted to do something that would not draw people's attention to my complexion. I did the same and then I created my own dancing style.'

Mithun has done more than 350 films

Born on June 16, 1950 in Kolkata, Mithun's real name is Gaurang Chakraborty. Before entering films, he did an acting course from Pune Film Institute. Mithun, who has worked in more than 350 films, was awarded the National Award for his first film 'Mrigayaa' (1976).

On the work front, Mithun was last seen in the Bengali film 'Kabuliwala'. It was released in theaters in December 2023 and it remained in theaters for more than 50 days. Mithun's last Hindi film was 'The Kashmir Files'.

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