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Missing Ladies fame actors are not dating each other: Sparsh said- I and Pratibha Ranta are just good friends, I have been single for the last 3 years

11 hours agoAuthor: Ashish Tiwari

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The film Lapata Ladies has been highly appreciated by the audience and critics. People have loved the character of Deepak in the film. The entire credit for portraying this character beautifully on screen goes to actor Sparsh Srivastava.

In a conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Sparsh told that his character has become so popular that he gets proposal messages from his female fans almost every day.

Sparsh, who teaches people the definition of an ideal husband through his film, is currently single. He has also broken his silence on the news of his affair with co-star Pratibha Ranta. Sparsh said that he and Pratibha are just good friends.

Read the highlights of the conversation…

Question- You are being called the national crush. You have a strong fan following among females. What do you have to say on this?
Everyone wants to feel like a hero in their life. I am lucky that I got a chance to feel like that. Getting so much attention from females is very new for me. Sometimes I don't understand how to deal with these things. But I am thankful to people that they are giving me so much love.

Question: Do you get proposal messages from fans on social media?
Yes, I get a lot of them. Recently, I got a funny message in my Instagram DM box. But this message was not from a girl but from a boy. He wrote that he had a breakup because of me. Actually, his girlfriend was so impressed with my character Deepak in the film Lapata Ladies that she started liking me.

I have personally seen many cases of domestic violence. In this era, Deepak is such a character who teaches men to respect women, honour them and love them. It is because of this character that women want a partner like Deepak in real life.

Question- Have you fallen in love with anyone during school time?
Yes, it has happened. Once this matter even reached the principal's office. Actually, one day I was sitting in the class holding my girlfriend's hand, and the principal ma'am saw it through the camera.

He called us to his office and asked- who is this girl of yours?

In response, I said- Ma’am, she is my cousin.

Then ma’am said- so you sit holding your cousin’s hand.

The matter escalated so much that ma'am even called the family members and inquired.

When this incident happened, I was in 9th class. Even after this, we both remained in a relationship for a long time, but later that girl got married.

Question- Your name is being linked with co-star Pratibha Ranta on social media. How much truth is there in this?
I have been single for the last 3 years. Pratibha is a very good friend of mine. I never thought that we would become such good friends.

I would like to say that a boy and a girl can also be good friends. It is not necessary that they are in a relationship.

Question- How do you understand love? What qualities do you want in a life partner?
For me, love is something that has no limits. People give more importance to loyalty in love. But I believe that in love one should also know how to accept.

I believe that communication between two people is very important in a relationship. Many times we manage everything else properly but do not communicate with each other. Any relationship can be made better through communication.

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