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Medical Miracle | Anpag Painter gets 2 hands; Successful hand transplant in Delhi | leader

Leading Online Desk : Advances are taking place in the field of medicine that amaze the human mind. Delhi has felt the same. Hand transplantation has been successful in a private hospital in the capital. A painter who lost both his hands in an accident 4 years ago has been able to have both hands surgically reattached. A woman who became brain dead in this incident donated her organ and the painter was able to fit the woman's hands. (Hand transplant in Delhi)

This surgery has been successful at Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi. The age of this painter is 45. He lost both his hands in a train accident in 2020. (Hand transplant in Delhi)

A woman named Meena Mehta died a few days ago. Mehta was the administrative head of a school in Delhi. Meena Mehta had decided to donate her organs while she was still alive. Because of this, the lives of four people have become brighter. Meena's kidney, liver and eyes have been transplanted into the bodies of three others. Meena's hand was transplanted to this disabled painter.

Hand transplant was a very complicated surgery, it was said on behalf of this hospital. The surgery lasted for 12 hours. Doctors had to do their best to connect the donor's hands with the hands of this disabled person. Every blood vessel, muscle, tendon and nerve was successfully attached.

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