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McKinsey | No Work, Full Salary?; But find another job, 'this' company offered employees 9 months paid leave leader

Leaders Online: There is currently a global recession. Due to this, many companies are cutting jobs on a large scale. In Britain in particular, the economic recession has deepened. Against this backdrop, the global American management consulting firm McKinsey has offered nine months of paid leave to hundreds of senior employees to voluntarily leave their jobs and find jobs elsewhere. McKinsey also said it will offer career coaching services to employees who want to leave their jobs. British newspaper reports on this The Timesis given by

The company has taken this step due to the slowdown in the management consulting sector. Managers at the company's UK division have been offered full pay for nine months to find jobs elsewhere. During this period, employees can use their working hours to explore new job opportunities instead of working on the company's customer-centric projects. They will get full salary during this period. If they used the entire nine-month period to find a job, it would add up to millions of pounds, the report said.

The Times further reported that in addition to a full salary, employees will also be able to take advantage of McKinsey's company resources and career coaching services. However, if the employees do not get a new job during this period, they still have to leave the McKinsey company.

According to Bloomberg, McKinsey has tried to cut jobs in the past due to the downturn in the management consulting sector. Last year, the company announced plans to cut about 1,400 jobs. This job cut is about 3 percent of their total manpower.

In February, Bloomberg reported that McKinsey told 3,000 employees that their work quality had deteriorated and gave them about three months to improve their performance. Or they may be instructed to leave the company now.

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