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Maruti Suzuki's 'Hanuman Udi': Market value reaches Rs 4 lakh crore, investors silver | Maruti Suzuki | leader

Leading Online Desk : Maruti Suzuki India Limited's market value has crossed Rs 4 lakh crore on Wednesday. Maruti Suzuki India Limited has become the 19th company to be listed on the Indian stock market and to have a market capitalization of over 4 lakhs. In the year 2024, the share of Maruti Suzuki has increased by as much as 23 percent, due to which the market value of the company has increased significantly. (Maruti Suzuki)

One share of Maruti Suzuki was priced at 12,669 on Wednesday afternoon. Market value of RIL, TCS, HDFC Bank, Infosys, ICICI Bank, Bharti Airtel, SBI, LIC, HUL, ITC, L&T, Bajaj Finance, Adani Energy, Adani Green, HCL Tech, Adani Enterprises, Kotak Mahindra Bank and Adani Total Gas Currently 4 lakh crores reached is (Maruti Suzuki)

Benefit from falling Japanese currency

The yen, the currency of Japan, has been falling steadily. The yen hit a 34-year low on Wednesday. This has benefited Maruti Suzuki. The company now has to pay a lower price while sourcing vehicle spare parts from Japan.

Big sale of premium cars | Maruti Suzuki

On the other hand, Maruti Suzuki's premium vehicle sales have increased by 60 percent, and the company has performed well in exports. Especially Brezza, Grand Vitara and Fronx models have been well received by customers. Hence, Maruti is taking the lead in the SUV segment.

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