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Manisha Koirala's anger erupted over discrimination in the industry: said- If a hero had many girlfriends, he was called macho, but the rules were different for actresses

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Manisha Koirala has been in the news for playing the role of Mallika Jaan in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's series Heeramandi. Now recently the actress has talked about the early days of her career. The actress has told that at that time there were different rules for heroes and heroines. If a hero had relationships with many girls, he was called macho, but heroines were told to keep their relationships secret. The actress has also told that people used to tell her that she should hide the fact of drinking alcohol, because all this does not suit an actress.

Manisha Koirala told in a recent interview to Filmfare, 'During the shooting of the film Saudagar, I was drinking vodka mixed with coke. Meanwhile, some people around me told me that I should not tell anyone that I am drinking alcohol, because it does not suit actresses. I was told to tell everyone that I am only drinking coke. That day I learned this new thing.'

Further, the actress said, 'I told this to my mother. I told her that I was drinking coke, while she knew that I was drinking alcohol. To this, she replied, listen, if you are drinking alcohol, then say that you are drinking alcohol, don't say that you are drinking coke. Don't lie for such small things.'

Manisha Koirala made her debut with the 1991 film Saudagar.

Manisha Koirala made her debut with the 1991 film Saudagar.

Manisha Koirala has also told that people used to suggest her to keep her relationship secret, however she did not like to hide any relationship. She has said, 'If I am dating someone, then I am dating. If you want to judge me on this then of course go ahead and judge. I am like this, I live my life as per my wish.'

The actress has said, 'I had to face a lot of criticism at that time, because at that time the hero could have many girlfriends and he was called macho, whereas the actress had to show that no one had touched her till date.'

Expressing her anger on this, Manisha said, 'Just because I have a boyfriend doesn't mean that I am unprofessional in my life. At that time, there were very complicated standards for actresses, which did not sit well with me.'

Manisha Koirala will be seen in Hiramandi 2

Let us tell you that Manisha Koirala made her acting debut with the 1991 film Saudagar directed by Subhash Ghai. After this, she was a part of films like Gupt, Dil Se, Akele Hum Akele Tum.

After the break, Manisha Koirala has played supporting roles in films like Sanju and Shehzada. These days she is in the news for playing the role of Mallikajaan in the series Heeramandi. The second season of Heeramandi is going to come soon.

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