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Manali Bonde: Nitin Gadkari Appreciates Young Painter Manali Bonde's 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' Picture Exhibition | leader

New Delhi, Leader News Service: 'Union Minister Nitin Gadkari visited Manali Bonde's painting exhibition based on the concept of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam'. Manali Bonde, a young painter from Vidarbha, has traveled to various countries and painted. All these pictures were highly appreciated by Nitin Gadkari. The exhibition was held in the capital Delhi for two days on Monday and Tuesday (March 12, 13). The picture exhibition was inaugurated by the member of the National Human Rights Commission, Dnyaneshwar Mule.

'Manali is a Marathi painter. Manali is a lake of Vidarbha, Maharashtra. She has traveled to some countries around the world and painted various types of pictures. And it is admirable that all these paintings are being exhibited in Delhi.' Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said this while wishing Manali. Speaking on this occasion, Manali Bonde said that it is a great pleasure that Nitin Gadkari visited the exhibition. The exhibition is the medium for the pictures taken around the world, the stories behind them should reach everywhere. Also, the more people these stories reach, the more people coming into the field will get energized.” She also said.

Manali Bonde's picture exhibition was attended by Retired Vice Admiral of Indian Navy Satish Kumar Ghormade, MP Dr. Various dignitaries including Anil Bonde, Dr. Vasudha Bonde, Vishnu Patil of Marathi Foundation were present. Also the citizens of Delhi had a great response to the exhibition. The dignitaries expressed their feelings that this exhibition is a treat for everyone who is interested in various types of pictures including literature, art, culture, education, industrial, administration. Also, all dignitaries inspected all the works of art displayed and appreciated Manali.

There were pictures based on culture, story, climate of different countries in this exhibition. On the occasion of International Women's Day week, Indira Gandhi National Arts Centre, New Delhi and Triveni Charitable Foundation Amravati organized an exhibition of paintings on the theme 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' by famous young painter Manali Anil Bonde from Amravati. After visiting various places in the world like Cambodia, Laos, Italy, Germany, Israel, Indonesia, Manali put pictures based on the culture, thought and life of that country in the exhibition.

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