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Mallika had accused- Ashmit strangled me: Actor broke silence on the old incident, said- I was asked to apologize without any fault

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Actor Ashmit Patel has recently made a shocking revelation. He said that while shooting for Murder, Mallika Sherawat had falsely accused him. Mallika had alleged that Ashmit had deliberately tried to strangle her under the pretext of the scene.

Now Ashmit has broken his silence on this incident. He said that Mallika had falsely accused him. He was asked to apologize without any fault. But he did not apologize because later everyone saw the truth on camera.

However, even after this, Ashmit had to suffer the consequences of the false accusation. He was not sent for any major promotions. As a result, Mallika got more credit for the success of the film.

In an interview with Siddharth Kannan, Ashmit Patel shared stories from the sets of the film Murder. He said- I played the role of Mallika's husband in the film. According to the story, there was always a rift between my character and Mallika's character. That tension should have been visible in our bonding on screen, so I used to stay away from Mallika in real life too.

Once or twice Mallika tried to make things right between us in real life, but I did not let that happen. I did not want it to affect the screen. She could not understand this. Director Anurag Basu did not tell me to tell this to Mallika. As a result, the distance increased in real life as well.

What was the whole incident?

Ashmit further said- There was a scene where I had to strangle Mallika. I once asked Naseeruddin Shah what is the right way to strangle someone on camera. He taught me a technique. I gave that shot with the same technique, but Mallika made it an issue. She said that I strangled her hard.

He also complained about this to producer Mahesh Bhatt. Bhatt sahab asked me to apologize. Then I told him that I have not done anything like this. If anyone does not believe me then he can see it in the camera. Everyone saw that shot on camera, which proved that I have not done anything wrong.

The film Murder was released in 2004. Actors like Mallika Sherawat, Emraan Hashmi and Ashmit Patel appeared in the film. Made in 5 crores, this film collected 21.13 crores. Seeing the success of the film, its two sequels Murder 2 and Murder 3 were also made.

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