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Madhya Pradesh | The limit of cruelty crossed! Put chilli powder on the wounds, glue the lips with Feviquik, rape the woman

Leader Online Desk: A shocking incident has come to light from Guna in Madhya Pradesh. Here a young man crosses the line of cruelty with a girl. The suspected accused held the girl hostage. After that she was severely beaten. After this he threw chili powder in the girl's eyes. Then she filled her wounds and mouth with chili paste and glued her lips with Feviquick. So that no one hears her screams. But the victim narrated the entire incident to the police.

The victim was locked in the room by the neighbor for a month and raped her. A shocking incident has come to light that she was tortured by taping her lips to stop her from screaming and putting chilli powder on her wounds. The victim woman has been admitted to the hospital with serious injuries and the police have arrested the suspected accused Ayan Pathan.

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According to police, the victim, a 23-year-old woman, lived with her mother in Guna. Both the victim and Ayan Pathan, who lived next door, were in a relationship. Ayan was demanding that the victim marry him and transfer her parents' property in his name. After that the victim's mother took her and went to live in Shivpuri. A month ago, Ayan forcibly took the victim to his house, where he locked her in a room. She was sexually assaulted. Beaten with a belt and a pipe. He was abusing her for about a month.

On Tuesday (16th) night, Ayan again beat her. Put chilli powder in her eyes and mouth. She pursed her lips to keep from screaming. She was seriously injured in this. She somehow managed to escape from the house at night. After walking 5 kilometers overnight, the camp reached the police station in the morning. The police were also shocked to see her condition. Her lips were pursed. Her eyes were swollen and bruises were visible on her body. The victim woman has been admitted to the hospital in critical condition and is undergoing treatment. After the complaint, the police have arrested the suspected accused.

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